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Always check that the use-by date has not expired, that they have a standards approval mark, and that the packaging is not damaged. Never reuse a condom or use one which has already been opened.
Yes. Condoms come in different lengths and widths, while each brand produces varying sizes. At WorldCondoms, you can find a wide range of condoms from smaller and regular to large ones. Click here to see more options.
In order to know what condom is best, you will need to measure your penis. You can use a ruler or measuring tape. To get the right size, measure your penis while it is erect. You will need to know your length, width, and girth in order to know the right condom fit.For more information check our blog post Size matters: How to determine condom size.
Yes. Whether you use female or male condoms, they both can be very effective in preventing HIV and many other sexually transmitted diseases when used correctly from start to finish for each act of anal, vaginal, or oral sex.
Personal lubricants may be used by both partners to enrich all types of play. A small drop of lubricant added to the inside of the condom tip is said to enhance sensation for the wearer. While a liberal amount applied to outside of the condom after unrolling eases the friction and irritation associated with intercourse.
Yes. Personal lubricants may be used to supplement personal moisture as needed, they work quickly and offer short-term relief from pain, dryness, and other discomfort during sexual intercourse.
It is normal for the body’s natural lubrication to vary, so the amount of personal lubricant you will need will vary too. Start with a small amount and gently apply with your fingertips, then add more whenever and wherever you feel the urge.
Yes. You will need to pick the right lubricant to use in combination with condoms. The type of personal lube you choose largely depends on the type of condom you are using, though there are water-based gels which are compatible with all condoms.
Yes. If you are practicing safe sex during your pregnancy, you should stick to water-based intimate lubricants. However, we always recommend you to check the ingredients and avoid fragrances, parabens, and glycerin.
Small or unintentional ingestion of a personal lubricant should not be harmful. However, it is crucial to note that each product differs in its ingredients, and the amount swallowed dictates what, if any, symptoms occur.
We would recommend you to try Liquid Silk personal lubricant which is a great option for a smooth and slippery solo session. Water-based lube with just a touch of silicone has a non-tacky creamy texture which provides long-lasting lubrication and does not dry out quickly, leaving your skin soft and silky.